The Return waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Return
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2|:F3E D2|A4d2|{d}f4d2|e3d c2|
f4B2|B3c A2|(E6|E4)G2|
F3E D2|A4d2|{d}f4d2|e3d c2|
A2[|B3c d2|e4a2|f4e2|d2e2f2|
B3c d2|e2f2g2|a4f2|f3e d2|
B3c d2|e4a2|f4e2|d2e2f2|
G3A B2|c2d2e2|d3c d2|e3d e2|
2gf dB AF|E4D2|(D6|D4)|]

Four comments

The Return

A super waltz/air from Kathryn Tickell’s Debateable Lands.
The B part has an ending - Play straight through as many times as required, using B 1st ending, and finish tune with B alternative 2nd ending.

Looks like a jig.

geoff! why does it look like a jig? ever since joining the session it has bugged me how many times tunes submitted as waltzes turn out to look, and sound on the midi, as jigs. It goes against the grain I’m afraid. Is it the way you have written the abc? or am I missing something?

yours sincerely "confused of Tunbridge Wells"

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Hmmm and double Hmmmm

Nothing at all wrong with my ABC - I just hadn’t noticed that waltzes default to quavers L:1/8 when I was expecting to write it in crotchets L:1/4.
It says "You can edit the ABC notation". Only to some extent - you can’t set or change the default note value.
This might be a good idea, especially as you can miss the default note value on posting waltzes.

Anyway, I think I have doubled all the note lengths now.

Thanks geoff. I had thought that to be the case and thanks for clarifying with the changed abc’s. It is a pity that the transcription from the abc cannot be changed at this stage (or so I believe) but can do so now at home in hard copy. ‘c’ drew my attention to the 1/8 situation before I submitted John O’Dwyer recently. I just hope enough people realise the same before they submit watzes/airs in future.

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