The Road South West jig

By Richard Dwyer

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Road South West
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
GED d^cd|A2 B cBc|Ad^c d2 e|fd^c d2 =c|
Ade fde|Ace d(3efg|ada gce|dAG (3FGA F|
GED dfd|ADB cBc|Ad^c d2 e|fd^c d2 =c|
Ade dcA|g2 a gfg|afd ecA|AGE D2 d|
|:dag cde|dAG FGA|dag cde|Ad^c d2 =c|
Ade dcA|gfa gfg|afd ecA|1 AGE D2 d:|2 AGE D2 A||

Four comments

From Finbarr Dwyer - Accordion Music from the Soul

This is a quirky tune. I got it from the above album which was released in the last few months. Finbarr plays it in a selection he simply titled “Richard Dwyer’s Jigs.” The first tune in that set is one of Richard’s compositions called “Paddy Reynold’s Dream” and this is the second. I’d be confident in saying this is another of Richard’s compositions but don’t know for sure. Does he have a book of his tunes published so I could look up a source?

Anyway, it certainly has the Dwyer stamp on it. The rhythm at the end of bar 8 is the way Finbarr plays it and it can be confusing but that’s probably how the composer intended it to be and I wasn’t going to change it. As you can see, the repeat of part 1 is different so I posted the full 16 bars.

Finbarr does some little variations the second time around with the melody, as you would expect, and the first time around he uses ornamented variations such as:

1) Part B, Bar 3: |~d2 g cde|
2) Part A, Bar 10: As shown, notice the low D. That is not a mistake.

Wow oh my god you have nice tunes paddy, just gotta say.

Thanks Dow. Well, after every 5 trad tunes I post, I’ll post a self-composition (as is the unwritten rule). So, by posting good tunes, I’m hoping a bad self-composition will not actually ruin my reputation as a contributor to the tune section!

The Road South West

This was the original title given to the tune and the composer is indeed Richard Dwyer. It appears on his recording “In a Creative Mood.”