Our Kate waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Our Kate
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FG|:A3d AF|G2A2 FD|=C2 (D4|D4) FG|
A3d AF|G4A2|(G6|G3)E FG|
A3d AF|G2A2 FD|=C2 (D4|D4) B,2|
=C3B, =C2|D4 D=C|(D6|1 D3)E FG:|2 D4|]
A2|:d3A= F2|=c3G E2|G2 (A4|A4) AB|
=c3G E2|B3G E2|(A6|A4)FG|
A3d AF|G2A2 FD|=C2 (D4|D4) B,2|
=C3B, =C2|D4 D=C|(D6|D4)|]

Four comments

Our Kate

Again, from Kathryn Tickell’s Debateable Lands (and hopefully the default note is correct as quaver)

Better second time around, eh? ~ now you’ve squeezed the jig out of it… 😉

Our Kate

I believe the Kate in question is Catherine Cookson, the prolific and much-read novelist, who died in 1998. She was born in South Shields in 1906 and wrote out of her experience of growing up there. The tune may have been composed when Cookson died, as it appeared on the album "Debateable Lands" in 2000.

It is also on the Folkestra album "Suspended Slip Jig"