Sailing Through Loughrea reel

Also known as Loughrea.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sailing Through Loughrea
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
Add^c dcAB|cE E2 cEGE|D2 (3EFG Adde|f2 ed ^cAAG|
Adde f2 ed|^cAAB =cA G2|Add^c AB=cG|E2 cE ED D2:|
d3 ^c dcAB|c2 Bd cAGc|Add^c d2 cd|eaag efge|
afdf afdB|=cdef g2 fg|a3 f gfgf|eaag edd^c:|

Six comments

The Loughrea Reel

This tune come from the box and banjo duet of Johnny Óg Connolly and Brian McGrath. It’s definitely a rocking little tune but clearly has been influenced by Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie and probably other things Jenny got up to! Not forgetting Corney is coming either, which shares a similar phrase in bar 13.

Still though, it sounds different enough to be a tune in itself but don’t have any information on it. If I found out it is a modern tune, while I think it lovely, I’d have to admit that the composer was chancing his/her arm and wouldn’t be too fond of that carry on (that being taking phrases from other tunes to this extent.)

By the way, an important aspect of this tune is the repeat. Johnny and Brian tend to go back into the tune and replacing the bar 1 I have submitted with bar 8 (bar 1 of part 2). This may be confusing in some respects as it can be difficult to tell what part the tune is actually at (well, yeah, we WILL know due to our knowledge of the structure but you know what I mean…).

And come to think of it, I doubt this tune would be suitable for a big session.


Composed by Charlie Lennon, Paddy.

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Maybe this is Paddy Fahey version of a certain tune. Isn’t he from around Loughrea?

Sorry ,slainte.

No it’s not. It’s on the Charlie Lennon double CD which he released last year, and also as PaddyC says, is on the Connolly /McGrath recording. Both recordings pair this tune with another of Charlie’s called “The Mountain Dew”, about which there was some speculation recently following the last reel I posted. Paddy Fahey has nothing to do with this.

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Charlie’s title…

It’s on the double CD as “Sailing Through Loughrea”.

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Ah well, I have high respect for Charlie as a magnificent composer. Really surprised he wrote this, considering he can do magnificent things with melodies that I’ve never seen done.