One recording of a tune named
Paddy Clancy’s
With a tune named
The Flowers Of Red Hill

Paddy Clancy’s (jig) is also known as Biddy McGhee, Clancy’s Dream, Coleman’s Favourite, Paddy Clancey’s, Peadar Clacy’s, Thrush In The Meadow, The Thrush In The Meadow.

The Flowers Of Red Hill (reel) is also known as Bláthanna An Chnoic Rua, The Clogher, Dan McCarthy’s Fancy, Flowers Of Redhill, The Flowers Of Redhill, Flowers Of The Red Hill, The Flowers Of The Red Hill, Hills Of Clogher, The Rose Of Red Hill.

Ceol Agus Foinn : Music And Songs From The Willie Clancy Summer School by Various Artists

  1. O’Donnell’s March
  2. Paddy Clancy’s
  3. Flowers Of Red Hill