Two recordings of
Paddy Clancy’s
A Trip To The Cottage

Paddy Clancy’s (jig) is also known as Biddy McGhee, Clancy’s Dream, Coleman’s Favourite, Jackson’s, Paddy Clancey’s, Peadar Clacy’s, Thrush In The Meadow, The Thrush In The Meadow.

A Trip To The Cottage (jig) is also known as Trip To The Cottage, The Trip To The Cottage, Turas ‘Un Toighe, Turas Go Di’n Iosdan.

Irish Jigs And Reels by Michael Coleman

  1. Paddy Clancey’s
  2. The Trip To The Cottage

Unheard by Eddie Clarke

  1. Fairhaired Boy
  2. Paddy Clancy’s
  3. Trip To The Cottage