Tiny Clanger’s jig

Also known as Tiny Clangers.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tiny Clanger's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|GBd gfe|^d2 e ^c2 =d|DFA e2 d|DFA c2 B|
GB/c/d gfe|^d2 e ^c2 =d|DFA cBA|G3- G2:|
|:A|FGA cdf|gab d2 g|1 fga dcA|Bcd G2 D|
FF/G/A cdf|gab d2 g|fga dcA|G3- G2:|
[2 fga dcB|AA/B/c dd/e/f|GB/c/d gfe|^d2 e ^c2 =d|DFA cBA|G3- G2||

Seven comments

"Tiny Clangers"? ~ "Tiny Clanger’s Jig" C: Tiny Clanger (Oliver Postgate)

~ with some adjustments under the guidance of the Clanger Clan, who, under the direction of benhall.1, I spent a little time with today ~


They said it was alright to do any key adjustments, considering our instruments were different, and in repeated playing it became 32 bars with a second ending for the B-part.

Don’t blame me, these hoodies bullied me into this ~ Dow, benhall.1, Georgi, reenactor, tctelboy, acaretta and others lead me to this extreme ๐Ÿ™ Will I ever live it down?

Discussion: Listen, Don’t Read
# Posted on March 13th 2008 by Celtic Guitar


Tiny Clanger would be proud of you. Not a bad job at all.


Courtesy of lazyhound ~ Discussion: Listen, Don’t Read

Btw, if you’d like to watch that YouTube Clangers video posted above in higher definition, try this code instead:


It is the &fmt=18 tacked on the end that does the trick. If higher definition is available (not necessarily always) then it will be provided and you’ll see a link on the YouTube screen for those who prefer lower definition with a faster download. The high definition video is about 60% bigger than YouTube’s standard format so will take longer to download.

# Posted on March 16th 2008 by lazyhound

Wow, the resolution was great, but sadly this is only a small part of the story, up to drawing the staff…

"Tiny Clangers"? ~ "Tiny Clanger’s Jig" C: Tiny Clanger (Oliver Postgate)

Just a little quibble, but in the ABC, shouldn’t the last note (d) of bars 2 and 6 of the A-part, and the antepenultimate bar of the second repeat in the B-part be written as d-nat (=d)?
It’s probably now too late to correct the sheet music on screen, but never mind.

=d ~ the ABCs have been corrected…

I did say I was sick. I’m much worse as far as being semi-conscious than usual… I couldn’t shake why it didn’t sound right in the midi… ๐Ÿ˜ YES!!!

~ | ^d2 e ^c2 =d | ~

& 3 times… Thanks LH, much appreciated…