Young Scotty jig

By Charlie Sherrit

Also known as Young Scottie.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Young Scotty
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D|:G2G G2B|AFD DEF|G2B d2B|def g2f|e2c cde|d2B G2A/B/|c2B A2G|GFE DEF|
G2G G2B|AFD DEF|G2B d2B|def g2f|e2c gfe|edc BAG|FAF DEF|G3 G2A|
Bee e2f|g3 gfe|f2d agf|e3 edB|Add d2e|f3 f2g|a2A gfe|ded cBA|
G2G G2B|AFD DEF|G2B d2B|def g2f|e2c gfe|edc BAG|FAF DEF|G3 G2D:|
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Young Scotty

It’s a good tune!

I think it’s a James Hill composition.

I remember it as one of the many tunes played in the Folkworks Youth Summer School session!

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Memories of crouching over the music in lucas’s house trying to bash this one out as loud and fast as possible…RAAAAAAAAAARGH!


I thought it was written by Charlie Sherritt…that’s what I have in my notes anyway.

That’s definitely possible..all I remember is seeing this in a book with other tunes in and James Hill’s name was on the page…possibly for another tune!

And Mehi, I thought you knew this without the dots?! I bet the lodgers were well and truly impressed with your banging at Lucas’!! 🙂

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Well, I mostly know it, but I must admit I often relapse into dot-reliance. And yes, Kiki was thrilled with the noise - she really loves folk music, you know…

Wow, I never realised how much it sounds like Balls to Hall - those first two bars on the sixth line are identical! *gasp*

All bloody folk music sounds the same.


Foz OMG I can’t believe you just said that… James Hill wrote way better tunes than this 😉

Composer revealed

Vonnieestes is right: it was written by Charlie Sherrit in 1984 who holds the copyright. It’s printed, with CS’s permission, on page 33 of Matt Seattle’s Northumbrian Piper’s Green Pocket book.

Hey Dowmyster I think it’s a good ‘un…but yeah James Hill wrote a few classy tunes…I really like The Champion in E for a start!

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Yeah i like this tune…it sounds like something that was once played on a french horn (I’d love to be more specific but my memory for classical music is shocking).