Prince Rupert’s march

Also known as Prins Robbert Masco.

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Prince Rupert’s March

This tune is popular in sessions in the re-enactment scene, but it makes a good dance session tune as well. There is a version of it in Playford (in D minor) which also contains the original dance instructions.

Prince Rupert was the nephew of Charles I and led the royalist cavalry during the Englisg Civil War. There’s a lot more info on him and his military career here:


.. I never was any good at Englisg at school 🙂

Prince Rupert

This tune first appeared in Elizabeth Rogers‘ Virginal Book, together with ’Rupert’s Retreat’


As Prins Robbert Masco the tune appears in Der Fluyten Lusthof. This book of tunes by the blind recorder virtuoso Jacob van Eyck was first published in 1649 and also includes a version for two voices.

X: 1
T: Prins Robbert Masco
C: Jacob van Eyck
S: Der Fluyten Lusthof
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
V: 1
A2 | d2^c2d2e2 | f3gf2f2 | e2d2d2^c2 | d6A2 |
de ^cA df eg | fe fg f2 fg | ef de de ^ce | d6d2 |
e3d ef g2 | c3d c2f2 | e2f2g3f | f6f2 |
e3d ef g2 | c3d c2f2 | e2d2d2^c2 | d6d2 |
ed cd ef ge | cd ed c2 fg | ec ef gf ge | fc de f2 fg |
ed cd ef ge | ce/f/ ge c2 fg | eA de dB^cA | d6 |]
V: 2
z2 | B2A2G2c2 | AG FE D4 | A2B2G2A2 | F2E2D4 |
B2A2G2c2 | A3E D4 | A2B2G2A2 | F2G2A2B2 |
c3B A2G2 | A3BA2=B2 | c2A2B2G2 | AB AG FE D2 |
CD EF G4 | FG AB A4 | A2F2G2A2 | F2E2D2B2 |
c3B A2G2 | A3B A2=B2 | c2A2G2c2 | AE FG A2D2 |
C4E4 | F4A4 | A2F2G2A2 | F2E2D2 |]

The video shows a performance by Feyen & Vermaase in a setting for alto recorder and tricorda bozouki.

X: 2 “Prins Robbert Masco”

T: Prins Robbert Masco
C: Jacob van Eyck
B: “Der Fluyten Lusthof”, Jacob van Eyck, 1649

# Posted by mayoman - July 5th, 2013

Digging out my copy of “Der Fluyten Lusthof”, 1649, page 96!
- with some differences, the 1st voice being basically the same but the 2nd?!? ~ ever curious… 😏