The Old waltz

Also known as Old Waltz.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Old
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ED|G3 A (3BAG|A2E2G2|c3 B cB|c2E2G2|
G3 A (3BAG|A2E2G2|(A6|A4)ED|
G3 A (3BAG|A2E2G2|cB cB cd|eg3e(d|
d2)B2GB| A<(E E2)D2|(G6|G4)B/ (3def||
g2f2e2|d2B2G>B|c3 d ef|g3 e (d2|
A4)B/(3def|g2f2e2|d2B2G>B|cB cB cd|
eg3e(d|d2)B2GB| A<(E E2)D2|G6||
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Three comments

Source: Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh’s "Where the One-eyed Man is King." He plays it in Eb which is G on a Bb whistle which is one of the things he plays on the track. It is a very interesting album if you haven’t heard it.

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You’d do yourself a major service if you look up Willie Clancy’s version of it. He plays it on a Bb whistle on a folktrax recording, and if you know who to ask, on a B set of pipes, too.

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I should add that there are some errors in the transcription, but I’d been meaning to write up willie clancy’s version… maybe one of these days.

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