Two recordings of a tune named
Andy De Jarlis’
With a tune named
Miss Sophia Campbell

Andy De Jarlis’ (jig) is also known as Andy De Jarlis, Andy Dejarlis, Andy DeJarlis’, Andy DeJarlis’s, Andy Jarlis, Andy Jarlis’, The Cape Breton, Dejarlis, Jerry Holland’s, Tom Trainor’s.

Miss Sophia Campbell (jig) is also known as Mrs. MacGee, Mrs. McGee, Mrs. McGhee.

Spin by Spin

  1. Andy DeJarlis
  2. Ingonish
  3. Mrs. Mcghee

The First Ten Years: 1986 - 1995 by Altan

  1. Andy De Jarlis
  2. Ingonish
  3. Mrs. McGhee