The Silver Mines jig

Also known as Jackson’s Silver Mines, The Silver Mine, The Silvermines.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

The Silver Mines has been added to 12 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Silver Mines
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:cBc dAF|ABc dAF|G2E EDE|GFG EFd|
cBc dAF|ABc dAG|EFD DED|1 FEF D2d:|2 FEF DFG||
|:fed faf|gbg faf|g2e ece|gfg efg|
fed faf|gbg age|fed dAd|efd d2g:|
|:faf geg|fdB AGF|G2E EDE|GFG Efg|
fdB ecA|dBG AGE|EFD DED|1 FEF D2g:|2 FEF D3||
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I got this tune from my Flute teacher its a great.

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It sounds awfully like something else.
The name suggests a Tipperary source for the tune - doesn’t sound like Paddy O’Brien though.

Re: The Silver Mines

He absolutely did not get it from that schlocky scene from Titanic!!!!!!!!!! (The person I got I from was a guy named Peter Browne, who hosts a trad music radio show on RTE [Ireland’s broadcasting network] and used to play with a band called 1691 a predecessor to the Bothy Band and also used to sub for members of the Bothy Band, Matt and Paddy to be specific, if they couldn’t make it to gigs). To be honest I don’t know his exact source and I only know of one recording in existence of this tune (which was done by a good friend of mine who took pipes lessons from Peter and also got the tune from him it’s one of the NPU young piper’s compilations but I can’t think of the name).

The tune in that video is called the Blarney Pilgrim, is super dooper common, in a different key and mode, and has 3 parts not 5!

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Re: The Silver Mines

And to my ear Blarney Pilgrim doesn’t even resemble the Silver Mines at all except for being in the same time signature.

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Re: The Silver Mines

Ref Peter Browne’s source for the Siver Mines/Silvermines, I took the liberty of asking him and he kindly provided this answer: "It was Paddy Cronin who put me on to the Silvermines about 10-12 years ago - he played it a couple of times for me and I learned it from him. I didn’t know his source but he was very good at looking at old music collections and coming up with tunes which were good but unusual.
Some time later I did see it and get a photocopy of it by chance when I was looking for something else, I’m sure in ITMA. Just today, I see this online and I’m sure it’s where Paddy and myself separately came across the printed version:’s_Silver_Mines
I’m sure ITMA have the original O’Farrell version and from memory it’s the same as what’s in the link above. Now you know as much as I do."

Incidentally, I was curious about the one recording that the original post mentioned (“by a good friend of mine who took pipes lessons from Peter and also got the tune from him it’s one of the NPU young piper’s compilations but I can’t think of the name"). If they were referring to “Uillean Piping, Another Generation”, by New Dawn (NUPCD008), the only jig there that also seems to be untraceable (in The Traditional Tune Archive, anyway) is “The Grouse In The Bog”, played by Louise Mulcahy. Not having heard that recording, I wonder if this could be a name for the same tune? Does anyone here know?

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Re: The Silver Mines

I just started learning this tune from Peter last week in NPU Henrietta St.

My first reaction was that it sounds like a relative of Jackson’s Morning Brush!

Peter didn’t mention Jackson in connection with it, though.

I don’t know enough about the collections to be able to say if the attribution to Jackson is reliable.

Re: The Silver Mines

The tune doesn’t feature in Jackson’s published collection, but that does predate O’Farrell by 30 years.

The architecture of the tune and especially the last two parts are really very similar to Jackson’s Morning Brush.