Farewell waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Farewell
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G4 EG|E D3E2|G4A2|B2d4|e4d2|g4B2|A4G2|G6|

Five comments

This is the last tune in a book called "the pennywhistle book" I owned many years ago and lost, so please excuse any errors. It should be played slowly with a smear from the first d to e.

I’m sure the high b crotchet in bar 9 is supposed to be an octave lower; it’s all too easy to make typos in these cases!

Great tune, glad it’s in here. The book in question is, or was, Robin Williamson’s "The Pennywhistle Book", published in the 70s. I had it, lent it and never saw it again, not having got round to learning Farewell, which is indeed the last tune in the book.

Yes, just got round to checking the sheet music and the b was definatelly a B!, have correced the ABC notation now. Thanks

Farewell Waltz

I was looking for the waltz by name on Lisa Haley’s album, called: Farewell Waltz.

Is this the same one. Need the sheet music and lyrics. I am looking for it for my husband to learn on the fiddle and mandolin.

This tune will be shown to him when He gets in. I am sure He can look at the notes to tell. But input is appreciated.

Never used this site, so if I am not doing it right or off the subject intended; please let us know.

Chas Farner (by Wyonia F)

Re: Farewell

Bought The Penny Whistle Book, Robin Williamson, back in the ’80s trying to learn the recorder. Gave that up. Sticking to the fiddle alone. Gleaned some good tunes, Farewell being one of them, from that book. A good memory you have, Sweetheart, (that sounds sexist, don’t take it that way) but measures 25 and 26 ABCs should read: G4 (3EGE | D4 E2 |

Thanks for bringing the tune here.