Nine recordings of The Enniskillen Dragoons

Also known as Enniskillen Dragoon, The Enniskillen Dragoon, Enniskillin Dragoon, The Enniskillin Dragoon, Enniskillin Dragoons, The Enniskillin Dragoons, Fare Thee Well Enniskillin, Inniskilling Dragoon, The Inniskilling Dragoon, Inniskilling Dragoons, The Inniskilling Dragoons, The March Of The Enniskillen Dragoons.

This tune has been recorded together with Dunse Dings A’ (a few times), Nóra Críona, Private Ass And Cart.

  1. 80 Years in the Making by Ted McGraw
  2. By Land And By Sea by Dave Jolly
  3. Canadian Barn Dance: The Best of the Best Scottish Ceilidh Music, Vol. 5 by John Carmichael & His Band
  4. Ceilidh Is Cool, Vol. 5 by John Carmichael & His Band
  5. Flea Ceoil by Various Artists
  6. Four Green Fields by Eddie and Finbar Furey
  7. The Floating Bow by John Doherty
  8. The Groves Of Boho: Music From County Fermanagh by Hazlett Keers
  9. The Purple Heather CD2 by Vincent Campbell