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Poll Ha’Penny
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Poll Ha’Penny (hornpipe) is also known as The Garden Of Butterflies, Garrai Na Bhfeileoig, Garrai Na Bhfeiloig, Holey Ha’penny, Holey Hapenny, Molly Halpenny, Molly Halpin, Molly McAlpin, Paul Ha’penny, Paul Halfpenny, Paul’s Ha’penny, Pol Ha’Penny, Pol Hal’penny, Pol Halfpenny, Poll Ha’ Penny, Poll Hal’penny, Poll Halfpenny, Puff Adder’s Stepdance, Radstock Jig.

Queen’s (hornpipe) is also known as The Queen’s.

Roughshod by Horseplay

  1. Gypsie’s Round
  2. Queen’s
  3. Holey Ha’penny