The Caledonian jig

Also known as Lothian Lassie.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Caledonian
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D|GAG BcB|AGA G2 G|BAB GBd|e3 d2 e/f/|
gfe dgB|AGA BGE|DED DGB|A2 G GBd||
GGG GBG|ddd dBG|EAA AcA|eee ecA|
ede cdc|ede c2 c|cBc dBG|AGE G2 G|
cBc EFG|AGA d2 e/f/|gBc gec|dcd c3||
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Mad tune from 1901

Due to the recent controversy concerning Dave flynns use of chromaticism, here is an example of a tune from the as yet unpublished James Tourish Collection. This is a collection of tunes dating from c.1896 that were played in East Donegal during that period.

While it isn’t as chromatic as Tourish’s tour around the box, it might come as somewhat of a surprise to see just how inventive these old musicians were.


Martin Tourish.

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Inventive, yes, but also melodic and musical. This is so tame compared to Dave’s piece, it doesn’t do anything (for me) in defending Tourish’s Tour Around the Box.

Mind you, I think the A part of Dave’s tune fits fine within the trend of tunes by the likes of Fahey and Reavy. It’s the B part that doesn’t really hold together.

In contrast, this jig holds together very well. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more from James Tourish’s collection!

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The Caledonian No. 3 (jig)

This tune is known in Scotland as “The Lothian Lassie” or “The Queen of the Lothian” - or more commonly nowadays, “Last May a Braw Wooer”, a song which Robert Burns wrote to the air.

The Caledonian No. 3 (jig)

The above comments refer only to the A part of the tune.

thanks for your great comments!! Especially nigelg. I do imagine that many of the tunes in the collection are of scottish origin. Perhaps nigelg, I could post you my recordings of the collection and get some more feedback? No worries if you’re busy with other things….

As for the James Tourish Collection, I intend to publish it in four volumes, the first of which is already transcribed. I hope to have it released before the end of the year so will keep you all posted.

Many thanks again,


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