Tribute To Paddy Fahey reel

Also known as Paddy Fahey’s No. π, Paddy Fahey’s Nth.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tribute To Paddy Fahey
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Ggdc BGGE|=FCA,C FGAc|dBcA BGAF|1 GD_B,A, G,2 DF:|2 GD_B,A, G,2 GA||
|:_BGA=F G2 ga|_bga=f g^fde|=f2 eg fdcA|G_BAG =FDCA,|
G,_B,DG _B2 A=F|G_Bdg _b2 ag|=f2 eg fdcA|1 G_BA=F G2 GA:|2 G_BA=F G2 D^F||

Seven comments

Imitation Fahey

Frisbee’s recent highly chromatic offering ( prompted me to submit this tune that I helped write about 4 years ago, during Meitheal Summer School. We were having a workshop on the music and compositional style of Paddy Fahey, and we came up with this, a (very strange) attempt to emulate it. I don’t think we ever gave it a name, so I gave it the obvious one. 🙂 Regardless of how traditional or Fahey-esque it actually sounds, I quite like it. It’s not *quite* as weird and chromatic as Frisbee’s tune (which totally defies any attempt to place it in a key), so I’d say the first part’s *mostly* in Gmaj, and the second part *mostly* in Gmin.
I play it quite slow for a reel.

I don’t want to encourage people to compose chromatic tunes, but this is lovely. Well done!

I think it’s a good tune and very Fahey-esque, but I think that’s a very bad title. Titles cannot be copyrighted, so you have a right to call it that if you insist, but it seems this attempt to honor Fahey is misguided. Since his stated reason for naming all of his compositions "Paddy Fahey’s" is so that people will know that he wrote them, your title is likely to result in people incorrectly attributing this tune to him. If more than a few people like this tune, it will soon get separated from the comments explaining its origin.

I don’t recall if it’s possible for a poster to replace the title of a tune after posting it, but if so, might I suggest changing it? One idea might be to follow Brendan Mulvihill’s path. He wrote two tunes in honor of Sean McGuire called "Sean McGuire’s Style" and "Compliments to Sean McGuire".

How about Tribute to Paddy Fahy as an alternative title?

Paddy Fahey’s Nth

Actually I called it Paddy Fahey’s *Nth*, but I guess the automatic whatever-it-is has gone and deleted the vital bit that shows that it isn’t actually one of his. I’m glad you like it though!
I’ll change it.

I wonder if there’s a function which can generate Fahey’s nth tune…

Oops - by the way, the second B’s in the 5th & 6th bars of the second part should be flat. I forgot that you need to write in accidentals for the same note in a different octave.