Two recordings of
Christy Barry’s
Farewell To Lisheen

Christy Barry’s (jig) is also known as Christy Barry’s #1, Christy Barry’s No 1, Christy Barry’s No. 1, Christy Barry’s Set, Sean Coughlan’s, Seán Coughlin’s, Seán Coughlin’s No 1, Seán Coughlin’s No. 1, Sheán Coughlan’s No. 1.

Farewell To Lisheen (jig) is also known as Farewell To Lisheen, Maurice Scanlon’s, Morris Scanlon’s, Muiris Ó Scanláin, Port A Bhand, Port A’ Bhand, Port An Bhand, Port An Dreoilin, Port And Bhand, Port Sheáin Uí Chochláin, Port Tom Mhic, The Wren’s.

It Could Be a Good Night Yet! Oíche go Maidean by Brendan Begley

  1. Port An Bhand
  2. Seán Coughlin’s
  3. Seán Coughlin’s No 2

Set Dances Of Ireland: Music For Listening And Dancing by Various Artists

  1. Port An Bhand
  2. Seán Coughlin’s No. 1
  3. Seán Coughlin’s No. 2