Four recordings of
The Irish Girl
Miss McLeod’s

The Irish Girl (reel) is also known as The Bright Lady, Daisy Field, The Daisy Field, David’s Delight, The Glenties, The Irish Girl’s Highland Fling, Pairc Na Noinini, The Wild Irishman.

Miss McLeod’s (reel) is also known as Dance For Your Daddy My Little Laddie, Did You Ever Meet The Devil, Uncle Joe?, The Dun Cow, Eighthsome, Have You Ever Seen The Devil, Uncle Joe?, Hop High Ladies, Iníon Mhic Leóid, May Day, McCleod’s, McCloud’s, McLeod’s, Miss MacLeod, Miss McCleod, Miss McCleod’s, Miss McCloud, Miss McCloud’s, Miss McLeod, Miss McLeod’s, Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay, Mrs Mc Leod’s, Mrs Mcleod Of Raasay, Mrs McLeod’s, Mrs McLeods, Mrs. MacLeod’s, Mrs. Mc Cloud, Mrs. McCloud, Mrs. McCloud’s, Mrs. McClouds, Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. McLeod Of Rasay, Mrs. McLeod’s, Mrs. McLeods, Ms McCloud’s, Ms. McLeod’s, Old Mammy Knickerbocker, Uncle Joe’s.

First Light of Day by Mary Vanorny

  1. Miss McLeod’s
  2. O’Rourke’s
  3. The Daisy Field

La Veillée Des Veillées by Various Artists

  1. Miss McLeod
  2. The Wild Irishman

Ryan & Coughlan, Vol 4 by Sean Ryan and Dan Coughlan

  1. Miss McLeod’s
  2. The Irish Girl

Seán Ryan CD 1 by Sean Ryan

  1. Miss Mcleod
  2. The Wild Irishman