Lady Eligen’s Courtship reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lady Eligen's Courtship
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
E2BE GBF2|GBEc ~d2cd|BEEF ~G3A|~F3E FGA=c|
B3E ~G2F2|GBEc ~d2cd|BGEF GABG|~F3E FGAd||
B3c d2cd|BABc dBAd|BG~G2 GABc|dBAF FEDF||

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Finbarr Dwyer’s

From Michelle O’Brien, Aogan Lynch & Gavin Ralston, track 11, 1st tune. This transcription is a bit of a mixture of the concertina and fiddle settings. I think the tunes might be listed back to front in the liner notes because Lady Elgin’s Courtship is a very old tune and it’s definitely the 2nd tune in the set, not the 1st, which by a process of elimination means that this one must be Finbarr Dwyer’s.

I was prompted to post this because it’s currently in vogue at my local session. It attracted my attention because it sounds really unusual. At first I didn’t like it much, but it’s grown on me, and now I like it.

They only play the 1st bar as posted 1st time through. The rest of the time, they simply play |E3F ~G2F2|. I like it better the way they play it the 1st time though, so that’s why I chose to transcribe it that way.

Don’t think so, Dow…

I had a listen to this track last night. The 2nd tune is "The Donegal Traveller", which Finbarr Dwyer recorded
[ as "Gillespie’s", if I remember correctly ]. I reckon they got their 2nd tune from his recording, and named it after him. If what you’ve posted here is the first tune, then I can’t see why it’s not "Lady Elgin’s Courtship".

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Great detective work, Kenny. I’ve renamed my submission according to the track listing.

I was confused after finding a transcription of a Bb reel called "Lady Elgin’s Courtship" at JC’s tunefinder. The A-part is almost the same as the Donegal Traveller - check it out. Either this is just a really weird coincidence, or there’s more to the story.

Anyone got info on the composer? I don’t have the liner notes.

Lady Eligans

Great tune dow - we should play it next time.

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Re: Lady Eligen’s Courtship

11 years later…………………
My Scottish heritage translated this to "Lady ELGIN’s Courtship" above. That’s wrong, the title is "Lady ELIGEN’s Courtship", indeed as posted by "Dr. Dow".
The sleeve notes only say that the tune was "learned from the fine fiddling of Deirdre Moynihan".
Great to be listening to this again - one of the best fiddle / concertina recordings I’ve ever come across.

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