Spring The Summer Long strathspey

By Phil Cunningham

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Spring The Summer Long
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
F3F G2A2|f3e dc3|c2A2 f2A2|G3F GA3|
F3F G2A2|f3g a3g|fA3 G3F|1 G8:|2 F8||
f4 f3e|d3c df3|c2A2 f2c2|d3G AG3|
f4 f3e|d2c2 f3g|a3g fe3|f8|
f4 f3e|d3c dg3|fd3 c2A2|d3G AG3|
F3F G2A2|f3g a3g|fA3 G3F|F8||
X: 2
T: Spring The Summer Long
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
"F"F3F G2A2|"Dm"f3e "Bb"dc3|"F"c2A2 "Dm"f2A2|"Gm"G3F "C"GA3|
[1"F"F3F G2A2|"Dm"f3g a3g|"Gm"fA3 G3F|"C"G8:|
[2"F"F3F G2A2|"Dm"f3g "Am"a3g|"Bb"fA3 "C"G3F|"F"F8||
"Dm"f4 f3e|"Bb"d3c df3|"F"c2A2 "Dm"f2c2|"Gm"d3G "C"AG3|
"Dm"f4 "Dm/C"f3e|"Bb"d2c2 f3g|"C"a3g "C7"fe3|"F"f8|
"Dm"f4 f3e|"Bb"d3c "Gm"dg3|"Bb"fd3 "F/A"c2A2|"Gm"d3G "C"AG3|
"F"F3F G2A2|"Dm"f3g "Am"a3g|"Bb"fA3 "C"G3" 2:"" 1:"F|"F""Bb"F8||

Five comments

One of my favourite airs (so, of course, it’s not a strathspey) and perhaps a slow one at that with a tempo of about 82 quarter notes per minute.
From the mighty musical talent that is Phil Cunningham.

With guitar/left-hand chords:

X: 1
T: Spring The Summer Long
C: Phil Cunningham
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
Q: 1/4=82
K: F
“F”F3F G2A2|“Dm”f3e “Bb”dc3|“F”c2A2 “Dm”f2A2|“Gm”G3F “C”GA3|
[1“F“F3F G2A2|“Dm”f3g a3g|“Gm”fA3 G3F|“C”G8:|
[2“F“F3F G2A2|“Dm”f3g “Am”a3g|“Bb”fA3 “C”G3F|“F”F8||
“Dm”f4 f3e|“Bb”d3c df3|“F”c2A2 “Dm”f2c2|“Gm”d3G “C”AG3|
“Dm”f4 “Dm/C”f3e|“Bb”d2c2 f3g|“C”a3g “C7”fe3|“F”f8|
“Dm”f4 f3e|“Bb”d3c “Gm”dg3|“Bb”fd3 “F/A”c2A2|“Gm”d3G “C”AG3|
“F”F3F G2A2|“Dm”f3g “Am”a3g|“Bb”fA3 “C”G3“ 2:““ 1:“F|“F”“Bb”F8”D.C.“|]

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I really enjoy the playing of Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain. You don’t by any chance have the ABCs for Sarah’s Song or Sophie’s Lullaby from the same CD, do you, DonaldK?

ABC’s not at hand but could be in pipeline.

I’m watching the pipeline, DonaldK!