The Broken Bow reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Broken Bow
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:dBcA BB, B,/B,/B,|CA, A,/A,/A, B,DFA|B3 c dedc|BAFE F3 ^A|
|:B/B/B ef B/B/B fd|B3 A2 AFD|E/E/E GB AF2A-|AFDB FDAF|
E/E/E ED E3 F|AFDF EGBd|cAce dfac|B/B/B BA B4:|
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The Broken Bow

Self-penned tune celebrating the incident when my bow didn;t exactly break, more the little mother of pearl slide fell out 🙁

So here it is! I think I’m obsessed with B minor, when I can, I’ll try and write a tune in a key other than B minor!

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Cool tune! And congratulations on not quite breaking your bow.
I think your next tune should be in B# ionian.

B# ionian!?!?!?!?!

What notes are in that scale then Mr. Joe?

Does it even exist? 😛

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… otherwise known a C major.

C major is bland, but yeah ok then i’ll do it…and B sharp should never, IMHO, be regarded as C…it’s the sodding pianos that messed that up! Same as they did when they regarded B flat as being the same as A sharp when in fact B falt is flatter than A sharp and A sharp is sharper than B flat!!!

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I know, I know… equal temperament will be the ruin of us all.
Surely it’s the other way round, though? Bb is ever so slightly sharper than A#?
I need to read up on this.

Yeah it’s what Joe said. I love diminished seconds. They are so exciting! 🙂 My school has just blocked facebook - the mustard board will be next…

But it’s very cool to call C B#…and to call G F## (no double sharp symbol on my keyboard). Adds a bit of interest after all…

This is a really good tune DJF. Thanks for posting it.

I know what you mean about B minor!