The Houseboat slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Houseboat
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|: ADE FGA cde | dcB c2 B ABc | ADD BAB cde | fed e/f/ge d2 a |
ge^c d2 =c ABc | e/f/gc e2 d ecA | e/f/gd eAB cde | dcB dDF EDD :|
|: A,DD FDD GEC | Ddd ed^c dAF | DEE EFF GAB | cea ge^c dDE |
Ddd e/f/ge fed | ecG EFG cGE | ADE FGA cde | dcB cAE D3 :|

Seven comments

Composed by Liz Carrol.Uploaded with permission. Paired with The Wee Dollop which I shall upload at some stage. With thanks to C for his help and support in my venture into the world of ABC.

Hmm, trhat Bb shouldnt be in there? ! its B nat all the way.. must be my bad….. wrong key sig? its a mode of C major…

D Dorian

In your absence, you being suspended and all. I did think to write you quietly on this, and have, but you can’t make the necessary adjustments until you are re-instated, after your ‘suspension’… 😏

This has got to be, personal opinion, one of the worst slip jigs I’ve ever stumbled across and played… I won’t be repeating that mistake…

Further on this Liz Carroll tune, and this is just me voicing an opinion, considering it another of her worst efforts. She has produced a few nice melodies, and also some real dogs. This slip jig is cack, twisted, all over the place and rambling… But that’s just my opinion. With her fiddling she could make dog shight smell like roses… 😎 Don’t smack me, me glasses!!!

I’ll second that, ‘c’.

Have you heard her play it lads? or are you just going by the dots….