Old Joe Clark three-two

Also known as Bluegrass Old Joe Clark.

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Five comments

This might be better written with the note values doubled. As it is, it’s in 3/4. I hope Jeremy decides to alter this when he does the sheetmusic…

Here’s what it looks like in 3/2:

d3A F2D2 A2d2|cde2 Bcd2 c2A2|d2f2 efge fga2|1 A2d2 cdec d4:|2 A2d2 cdec d3e||
f3g fedc Bcd2|cde2 d2B2 _B2F2|B2d2 cdec def2|F2B2 ^ABc^A B2AG|
FEFD GFGE AGAF|BABG cBcA dcdB|efed c2A2 dcde|fga2 A2c2 d4||

time signature

I have this in 4:4 (feel in two) and the tune is different. Mine seems to be an American fiddle tune.

A different Old Joe Clark?

I’m confused. I’ve known an Appalachian(?) banjo tune by this name for many years, entirely different from the one posted here. It’s one of the first tunes beginning claw-hammer students learn. There’s a rather nice Scruggs style version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6EM7SFF0Q. Should this tune also be on The Session?