One recording of a tune named
Return From Fingal
With a tune named
O’Neill’s March

Return From Fingal (march) is also known as An Turas Abhaile A’ Fhine Gall, Fingal March, The Fingal March, Fingal’s March, March To The Battle Of Aughrim, The Return From Fingal, Return To Fingal, Return To Fingall.

O’Neill’s March (polka) is also known as Dearg Doom, Máirseáil Ui Neill, Marcshlua Ui Neill, Marcṡlua Uí Néill, O’ Neill’s, O’Neil’s, O’Neill’s Cavalcade, O’Neill’s Cavalry.

Second Season by Smitty's Kitchen

  1. O’Donovan’s March
  2. Maguire’s March
  3. O’Neill’s March
  4. Fingal’s March