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Also known as Chluain Ard.

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Three comments

Cluain Ard (highland)

This is a highland learnt from Marcas O’Murchu’s flute playing. The version is actually my own with a few alterations. The original version on the recording goes like this:

K: D
A3A A2dB|A2FD EGFE|DAFA BAFa|egfe d2dB||
Ad~d2 a2fd|egfe dBAF|Ad~d2 a2fd|egfe d2dB|
~d3f a2fd|egfe dBAB|defg afdf|egfe dedB||

According to the notes, the tune is named after the high land at Cluain Ard in Belfast. Marcas’s father seems to be the source.

Some people might think this tune sounds a bit similar to Last Night’s Fun: But, anyway, this is a highland and played with a bit of swing, though not as heavily as a strathspey.

Re: Cluain Ard

Released in 1997. Marcas gives very good value for money - 21 tracks, over 70mins of music, with a few songs.
No comments apart from “slainte” who posted it 13 years ago. I’ve just gone back to listen to this again, an excellent selection of tunes, including this tune, the first of 2 highlands. A belated thanks for posting this, “slainte”.