One recording of
The May Morning Dew
An Phis Fhliuch

An Phis Fhliuch (slip jig) is also known as An Phis Fhiliuch, An Phis Fhluich, An Phis Fliuch, An Phis Fluich, An Phis Phliuch, The Boy In The Bush, The Bridegroom’s Delight, The Choice Wife, Feathered Nest, The Good Wife, O’Farrell’s Welcome To Limerick, The Perfect Wife, Pis Fhliuch, The Ready Wife, The Ready Woman, The Wet Fish.

Namaume Open by Naomi Nakahara and Chiaki Umeda

  1. The May Morning Dew
  2. An Phis Phliuch
  3. The Leitrim Quickstep