The Copper Beech reel

By Finbarr Dwyer

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Copper Beech
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DG G2 dGBG|A=F F2 AdcA|BGBd gfde|=f2 ag fcAc|
dedB cAFA|GFDE =F2 Ac|d2 fd Aafd|cAFA G3 F:|
|:GABd gfde|=f2 dc AG^FD|GABd gbaf|gfde =f2 ef|
dg g2 bgdB|cBcd cA=FA|d2 dd dcAG|FDFA G3 F:|

Three comments

The Copper Beech by Finbarr Dwyer

Here is another Finbarr Dwyer composition which comes from the 1971 recording “The Best of Finbarr Dwyer.” I was tempted to post it in G mixolydian because of the frequent use of F naturals but the Fs appear sharp more often so left it in G major.

It’s similar to a few tunes written by East Galway’s Paddy Kelly and not a tune that would immediately strike me as one of Finbarr’s.

I doubt this is the same tune that appears on Josephine Keegan’s recording “The Keegan’s Tunes.” I think all of those tunes are Josephine’s own.

There may also be another Copper Beech. I vaguely remember seeing the title elsewhere and it could have been a Scott Skinner or James Hill tune. That may not be true now, memory is a little fuzzy.

Well done, that man !

Great, Paddy - you’re saving me a lot of work. [ Look out or the “Coyle’s” reels in the next few days. ]

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No problem Kenny. Looking forward to Coyle’s. Thanks man.