A Trip To The Lakes jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A Trip To The Lakes
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d|:gfg dBG|ABc BAG|gfg ABc|BGB dBd|
gfg dBG|ABc BAG|gfg ABc|BGG G2d:|
|:gfg dBd|gfg ece|gfg dBG|ABc BAG|
gfg dBd|gfg ece|ABc Bed|1 BGG G2d:|2 BGG G2A||
|:BGG cGG|eGG d3|ded cBA|Bdc BAG|
BGG cGG|eGG d3|ded cBA|1 BGG G2A:|2 BGG G3||
X: 2
T: A Trip To The Lakes
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
aga ecA|Bcd cBA|aga Bcd|cfe cBA|
aga ecA|Bcd cBA|aga Bcd|cAA A2:|
|:z|aga ece|aga fdf|aga ecA|Bcd cBA|
aga ece|aga fdf|Bcd cfe|cAA A2:|
|:B|cAA dAA|fAA e2e|efe dcB|ced cBA|
cAA dAA|fAA e2e|efe dcB|cAA A2:|

Five comments

A Trip To The Lakes

A nice three-part jig I got from The Boat Band’s album “A Trip To The Lakes”, a collection of trad tunes played in the past and present in the English Lake District.

It sounds quintessentially Irish, and may turn out to be a version of an Irish tune that’s already on here.

I learnt in A from a lady called Carolyn Francis and it is definitely a lakeland tune - though she’d put it into A to be played on border pipes

Trip to the Lakes

I got this one from George Partington who was, I believe, the person who got it from the original manuscripot. I think he said it was in the RVW library at cecil Sharp House.

Anyway, it was a lakeland tune at the end of the 18th century, so the Irishnerss of it is very distant. If it sounds irish, try slowing down and taking triplets differently. In English stuff from the north of England of this age, the first of the three is long and srteals time from the second, the third is pretty much in the right place.

It certainly doesn’t sound at all Irish the way George plays it.


I agree! I didn’t think that it sounded Irish at all

and if RVW collected it that makes it even better in my books =]

Return Trip to the Lakes

I came across this thread by accident, and since my name is mentioned, (incidentally Noel, it’s Chris, as George is my middle name only 😉 ) I thought I’d toss my Amaj version in. It’s much easier on the fiddle than the original Fmaj or the Gmaj.
BTW, note that the MS is thought to come from Frank Kidson’s collection of fiddler’s MS kept in the VWML at C# House, and circumstantial evidence puts it in Yorkshire at the end of the 18thC, not the Lakes as the title would suggest.

T:Trip to the Lakes
N:From an annonymous MS from Yorkshire?, c1795.
N:Thought to be ex. part of Frank Kidson’s MS collection.
N:Now in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.
D:Boat Band CD “A Trip To The Lakes”
Z:Transcribed from the MS, transposed into A from F,
Z:and edited for fiddle by Chris Partington.
aga ecA|Bcd cBA|aga Bcd|cfe cBA|\
aga ecA|Bcd cBA|aga Bcd|cAA A2:|!
|:z|aga ece|aga fdf|aga ecA|Bcd cBA|\
aga ece|aga fdf|Bcd cfe|cAA A2:|!
|:B|cAA dAA|fAA e2e|efe dcB|ced cBA|\
cAA dAA|fAA e2e|efe dcB|cAA A2:|