Four recordings of

Spootiskerry (reel) is also known as Fateful Head, Spoot Askerry, The Spoot O’ Skerry, Spootaskerry, Spootis Kerry, The Spootiskerry.

Willafjord (reel) is also known as Villafjord, Willa Fjord, Willafiord, Willow Fjord, Wullafjord.

Horse Power by Sláinte

  1. The Shetland Swamps
  2. Spootiskerry
  3. Willafjord

Our Favourites by Lewis And Harris Accordion And Fiddle Club

  1. Spoot O’ Skerry
  2. Willafiord
  3. John Keith Laing

Pulling Strings and Pushing Buttons by Tijn Berends

  1. Willafjord
  2. Spootiskerry

St. Petersburg Nights by Kate Fritz

  1. Spootiskerry
  2. Willafjord