Two recordings of
The Banshee

Spootiskerry (reel) is also known as Fateful Head, Spoot Askerry, The Spoot O’ Skerry, Spootaskerry, Spootis Kerry, The Spootiskerry.

The Banshee (reel) is also known as The Bansee, Bean An Mullóga Sióg, The Bean Si, Bean Sidhe, James McMahon’s, James McMahon’s #3, Kilcavan Banks, The Kilcavan Banks, MacMahon’s, McMahon’s, Miss McMahon’s, Moyasta Junction, The Moyasta.

Born to Fiddle by Matthew Reid

  1. Lord MacDonald’s
  2. Sheehan’s
  3. Flowers Of Edinburgh
  4. The Banshee
  5. Spootiskerry

Spirit by Gillian Head

  1. Spootiskerry
  2. The Banshee
  3. Anne Lacey