Dayne Thomas’s slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dayne Thomas's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: "Am"A2B c2d e2f gfe | "G" d2 B BAB G2A BAG |
"Am"A2B c2d e2f gfe | "G" d2 B gdB BAG A3 :|
"Am" a2e ede a2e ede | "G" g2B BAB g3 efg |
"Am" a2e ede a2e ede | "Em" EFG BAG "Am" A3 efg |
"Am" a2e ede a2e ede | "G" g2B BAB g3 [eg][fa][gb] |
"Am" [ac'][gb][fa] [gb][fa][ge] [fa][ge][df] [ge][df][ce] | "Em" [EG][FA][GB] [Bd][Ac][GB] "Am" [A3e3] [A2e2]B |]

One comment

Dayne Thomas’s by Danu

This tune is by Danu’s flute player Tom Doorley, and appears in Danu’s set ’ Kerry Tunes’. I transcribed it from their live version on Youtube:

I was pretty inspired by the energy and groove that Danu get from these tunes, which are all relatively simple: the power of simplicity played virtuosically.

I found the other three tunes already on The Session so this completes the set. I’m a secondary music teacher and we’ve just started playing this set in the folk band we have at school, and it’s sounding pretty good already!