Keswick Bonny Lasses hornpipe

Also known as Keswick Bonnie Lasses.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Keswick Bonny Lasses
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2|:d2 f>d d>c B>A|B>c d>c B>A G>F|G2 B>A G>F E>D|C2 A,2 A,2 (3ABc|
d2 f>d d>c B>A|B>c d>c B>A G>F|G>A B>c d>A B>G|1 F2 D2 D2 (3ABc:|2 F2 D2 D2 A>G||
|:F>D F>A d>A G>F|G>E G>B e>c A>G|F>D F>A d>A G>F|G2 E2 E2 (3ABc|
d2 f>d d>c B>A|B>c d>c B>A G>F|G>A B>c d>A B>G|1 F2 D2 D2 A>G:|2 F2 D2 D2||

Five comments

Keswick Bonny Lasses - hornpipe

A nice hornpipe off The Boat Band’s album “A Trip To The Lakes”, a collection of tunes played in the past and present by musicians in the English Lake District. I don’t know if it has any alternative name elswhere: Kuntz’s “Fiddler’s Companion” site gives none, in its mention of the tune.

On the album it’s played in D, and the C# and A below bottom D can be accommodated by melodeons with a D-row as on the album. Those whose instruments lack these notes will have to alter the melody line, take it up an octave, or play the tune in another key.

The last triplet in the sheet music should be replaced by: A>G

(*Not* (3ABc, as printed.)

I’ve changed the abc’s.

Keswick Bonny Lasses

The Boat Band follow this with the Grand Hornpipe which is another great tune, not heard much at the sessions I get to

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Keswick Bonny Lasses

Love this tune -- learned it from the Boat Band CD mentioned above. I did not look at the notation provided here but I wonder if the Boat Band has their own version? They seem to add a triplet set of notes not usually played in the intro to each section (both A & B? Just asking. Also, I find second measure of the B section hard to play on the mandolin because last four 8th notes tend to mess up my picking pattern. I like to keep to DUDUDU and the change from G B E C# phrase mess me up because I can’t make myself do the down on the B -- I fixed it by playing the E on the 7th fret of the A course instead to the open E course.
Of course I know someone will say well don’t lock on to DUDUDU all the time -- but that’s what I do! (<: