Loozin’ Air reel

Also known as Loozin Air.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Loozin' Air
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A3 B c2 Bc|e2 ce afec|A3 B cABA|EFAE FAEF|
A3 B c2 Bc|e2 ce afec|A3 B cA ~A2|1 GABG A2 E2:|2 GABG A4||
|:a3 f d=gbg|f2 fe d3 B|AdfA dfAd|=gAdg Ad a2|
a2 af d=gbg|f2 fe d3 B|=G2 (3Bcd =gfed|cBA=G F2 D2:|

Two comments

Loozin’ Air

I got this tune off Garry Shannon’s album, called, funnily enough, “Loozin’ Air”. According to Garry:
“‘Loozin Air’ is a composition by a young English accordeonist, Gary Connolly, who was a regular visitor to Irish music festivals during the ’90s. I learned it from fiddler Elaine Conwell at the Sligo all-Ireland fleádh in ’90.”
So there ya go. I requested this tune AGES ago, and of course nothing happened, so here I am now fulfilling my own request.

The first part’s in A, and then the second part is suddenly in D. I think when it goes back to A after you play it through it just sounds awesome.

I love this tune. Does anyone know more about this Garry Connolly?

Got this off an ad for 2006 Return To Camden Town:
“London-born accordion player Gary Connolly originally studied with Tommy Maguire of Co. Leitrim. A prominent figure on the London Irish music scene,
Gary leads several of London’s longest-running traditional sessions.His musical pursuits have taken him as far afield as Hong Kong”……