Coyle’s Piano reel

Also known as Coyle’s Piano 2.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Coyle's Piano
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
fedB A2 FA|BAGB AF D z|fedB AGFG|Eeed efge|
fedB Adcd|BAGB ADFA|BcdB cdeg|1 fgec d2 de:|2 fgec d3 e||
fgag fgag|f3 g fded|B2 BA Bcdc|Beed efge|
fdfa g2 ag|f2 eg fded|B2 BA Bcdg|1 fgec d2 de:|2 fgec d4||
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Two comments

Coyle’s Piano #2

I don’t know why, but this has been one of the most awkward tunes I’ve ever transcribed. Took a long time, and a lot of listening to get it, and even then, it’s not exactly what Brian Fitzgerald plays, although – as you would expect – he does put a lot of wee variations in, and this is just a “basic” version of the tune.
Apologies for a bit of mis-information with the “Coyle’s Piano Reel #1”. I’d thought these were composed by Liz Carroll, but her role in this recording was quite different. Here’s what the sleeve notes on Mick Moloney’s “Strings Attached” LP say about these 2 reels :

“In May 1980, I met up with Marty Fahey, a piano player I’ve long admired. I’d never heard a recording of mandolin and piano, so we decoded to make one. I was in Chicago on a field recording trip at the time and had all the necessary recording equipment. The problem was to find a good piano quickly. After several unproductive leads, we finally discovered one in the home of Jimmy Coyle, a fine accordion player living on the North side. We invaded the Coyle household at a disgracefully late hour, and rattled off these tunes, which we named for the occasion, not having any other names for them. Thanks to the Coyles for their hospitality [ the strong cups of tea were great ], to Liz”Headphones” Carroll, sound engineer for the session, and to Jimmy “piano accorion” Keane, who was a competent, not to mention, sober, chauffeur for the evening”.

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Good man

Thanks Kenny, top man!

This is not a tune I would have thought to have been difficult to transcribe but listening to it now, I can see a lot of similar phrases would make it confusing enough. It’s a lovely tune. And the story behind them is great. Great pair of tunes!