One recording of
Rakish Paddy
The Nine Pint Coggie

Rakish Paddy (reel) is also known as Cabar Feidh, Cabar Feigh, Caber Feidh, Caber Feigh, Caberfeidh, The Deer’s Antlers, Fainne Gail An Lae, O’Halloran’s, Pádraic Réice, Rakish Pat.

The Nine Pint Coggie (reel) is also known as The 9 Pint Coggie, The Nine Pint Coggle, The Nine Point Coggie.

Magnificent Seven by Blazin' Fiddles

  1. Untitled Highland
  2. The Ewe With The Crooked Horn
  3. Con Cassidy’s
  4. Rakish Paddy
  5. The Nine Pint Coggie