An Asal Cam jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: An Asal Cam
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
||:B| ADD ADD | Ade f/2e/2dc | BEE BEE | c/2d/2ed c/2d/2eg |
fBB fBB | fef dag | fae dAG | FAE D2 :||
|: f | afd gbe | fdc dAG | FAd dfg | afb afg |
aff gee | fef dag | fae dAG | FAE D2 :||

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An Asal Cam

My Irish is not too good but according to the dictionary Asal is donkey or ass and cam is crooked so it’s the "Crooked Ass".


That’s sheer genius - not only is this a jig version of the Salamanca reel but the title is also an anagram.

Where did you get this?

Too damn quick!

You’re too damn quick, Jeremy. This is all my own werk! I got the idea from John Skelton’s interview on the Brad Hurley site : where he suggested playing the Salamanca as a jig so I quickly knocked it up and posted it to see who took the bait. I wasn’t expecting to be tumbled so quickly! As a matter of interest the words of the title are bona fide Irish words.


Impressive milesnagopaleen! Really good catch Jeremy with the anagram. I have a friend who hates jigs and loves this reel. I’ll put An Asal Cam under my fingers and pull it out just to get his goat (or donkey, in this case).

How the h*ll did you guys get that - I wouldnt have thought of that in a million years! Very clever.

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I hardly consider this a "composition". Just a bit of fun really! I thought John Skelton was perhaps doing a leg-pull as this is the last reel I would think of trying to make into a jig.

Why not?

Give yourself the credit for composing it. Even if it is a reel turned into a jig, a) it’s really good, b) someone else would have written it differently, and c) the title’s awesome.