Motorway mazurka

By Jon Swayne

Also known as The Motorway.

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Six comments

This is from Karen Tweed & The Poozies

the ‘double stops’ in the 1st time bar of the B part are alternative notes to play, not double stops.

written by Jon Swayne - piper from Blowzabella

Does anyone have the chords for Johnny jump up and England’s motor way for a four string banjo thanks in number or letter form I just starting out

hi Anthony , we always play Johnny Jump up in Bm, if you want it in another key you’ll have to transpose -

Bm Emaj Amaj Amaj
I’ll tell yez a story that happened to me One day as I went down to Youghal by the sea
Bm Amaj Gmaj F#m Bm Amaj Gmaj Bm
the sun bein hot and the weather bein warm Says I a quick pint wouldn’t do us no harm

and so it goes on through the song . good luck!

ps sorry the format wouldn’t let me space out the chords so their above the lyrics where they change-
eg the Emaj chord is on the word ‘me’ in the 1st line. You’ll figure it out