Larry Nugent’s hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Larry Nugent's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2 ga g2 fd | cAGF GABc |dgfd cdAG | FAde =f2 ed |
dg (3fga g2 fd | cAGF GABc | dGBd cDFA |1 ADFD G2 (3Bcd :|2 ADFA G2 AG ||
FGAB cABc | dg (3ggg b2 af | g2 ga (3bag (3agf | gfdc d3 c |
BE (3EEE cEGc | BG (3GGG FDBA | G2 (3efg fdcA |1 AGFD G2 AG :|2 AGFD G4 ||
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Larry Nugent’s

Larry Nugent, flute/whistle player from Co. Fermanagh, and resident in Chicago for several years now, played this odd wee hornpipe in the Senior Flute competition at the All-Ireland Fleadh in 1994. Been meaning to learn it for years. Don’t know it’s name, origins, or anything else about it, and he’s the only player I’ve heard play it since 1994. It is not on any commercial recordings I am aware of. Any information gratefully received.
PS - Larry was placed 3rd. Winner was Paul McGlinchey, whose 1st CD was posted here last week.

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Thanks Kenny for this tune. I wonder how he plays this tune. With a lot of swing, or not?


No swing at all - more like a slowish reel. It did occur to me that he might have lost marks in the competition for that, but that’s speculation on my part. I’ll see if I can think of a comparison.

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Much better straight

…for me at least. I automatically tried it with swing at first and didn’t really like it. Reading now that Larry Nugent played it straight, I tried it again and enjoyed it very much.

For the seventh measure of the A part, I prefer: dGBd cDFc which avoids repeating an A at the end of that measure and one at the beginning of the next. Although, perhaps I should try tying the two As insteas…

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