Vodka For Breakfast reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Vodka For Breakfast
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
(3E=FE ^DF EB,CB,|(3BcB ^Ac BEFG|[Ae][Ae] [Ge][Ge] [F^d][F^d] [Ec][Ec]|^DB,DF Bcd^d|
(3e=fe ^df edc^A|(3BcB ^Ac BEFG|[Ae][Ae] [Ge][Ge] [F^d][F^d] [Ec][Ec]|[G2B2] [F2^d2] [E4e4]:|
GD GB dD GB|(3ded ^ce dG Bd|gB dg B^d fb|gf e^d e=d cB|
c^d cB AB AG|FE ^DC B,C B,A,|G,B, EG B^d ef|eB ^df e4:|
GB,EG B,EGB,|(3e=fe ^df eBef|begb ^defa|gfe^d efg^g|
acBc bagf|gB^AB efga|b^d (3bc'b agf^d|effe ^ABDF|
GB,DG BDGB|dGBd gBdg|bdgb ^defa|gfe^d efg^g|
acBc bagf|gB^AB efga|b^d (3bc'b agf^d|efe^d df e2||
(3GAG B^d B^DED|(3^DED =DE ^DGAB|cc BB AA GG|F^DFA ^deff|
(3gag f^d cBAc|B^d ^cG FBdf|e^dcB B/c/BAG|E2 [^D2A2] [G4B4]:|
BGBd gdBd|(3fgf eg bgdB|Bdgd ^dfad|edcB gfed|
^deAG cdcd|AGFD ^DEDC|EGGB ^dBBA|GGB^d [B4e4]:|
BEGB eGBe|gBA^d BGBd|ege^d Bcdf|edcB Ade=f|
fA^GA gfed|ed^cd gfe^d|^dB (3ded cedB|BAAB edc_B|
BDGB dGBD|gBdg BdBd|gfed Bc^df|edcB Ade=f|
fA^GA gfed|ed^cd gfe^d|^dB (3ded cedB|e^dcB Ad e2||

One comment

This tune was written by the Australian Luthier Peter Daffy and is on the Funky String Band’s first album (self titled). As a flute player I find it very difficult to play and I’ve put it in the "too hard basket". It sounds great on the mandolin of Luke Plumb on the album and more recently with the added fiddle of Angus Grant (who’s joined the band in recent years).