Joe Tom’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe Tom's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
~E2 BE cE BE|~E2DB, A,B,DF|~E2 BE cE BE|cdAG FEDF|
DE BE cE BE|~E2DB, A,B,DF|EFGB Acde|1 faed cAFD:|2 faed cAFA||
~B3e fB~B2|cBAF Bcde|f2ba faaf|.g/.f/e fd efga|
bf~f2 affa|fegf edcA|~B3c dcde|1 fded cAFA:|2 fded cAFD||
"variations bar #7 & 8 (repeat)"EFGA Bcde|faed cAdc||

Three comments

Joe Tom’s (#1)

Track 2 of Tony O’Connell & Andy Morrow’s fine duet recording consists of 2 reels simply titled "Joe Tom’s". This is the first one. Especially towards the ending of part A the two musicians tend to play slightly different runs, which makes the tune somewhat hard to transcribe. In the A-part I have probably leaned more towards the concertina, whereas part B contains more notes I heard from the fiddle. The variation shows the playing of the fiddle at the end of part A.

Johannes Schiefner


Sorry about that, Kenny.

The reason for this, as you’ve probably already guessed, is the different spelling here and on the O’Connell/Morrow album. So the search engine did not reveal your earlier entry. For the same reason the tune title in the recording section does not link to your entry either.

After reading your interesting comments on the two tunes to me it appears very likely, that "John Tam’s" would be the correct reference. However, they are two really great tunes!