Nine recordings of Papa Stoor Bridal March

Also known as Papa Stoor, The Papa Stoor Bridal March, Papa Stour Bridal March, The Papa Stour Bridal March, Papa Stour Sword Dance, The Papa Stour Sword Dance, Untitled Bridal March.

This tune has been recorded together with The Cross (a few times), Da Day Dawn (a few times), The Corner House, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Doon Da Rooth, Du’s Bun Lang Awa An A’m Tocht Lang Ta See Dee, The Ewe Wi’ The Crookit Horn, Hardiman The Fiddler, The Peeler And The Goat, Princess Beatrice.

  1. Angel Delight by Fairport Convention
  2. Caravan by Aamos
  3. Earlywood by Calum Stewart
  4. Entanglement by Jeremy Spencer And Sean Leahy
  5. Fully Rigged by Aly Bain And Ale Möller
  6. Live in Shetland by Jenna Reid
  7. Midwinter Night’s Dream by Boys Of The Lough
  8. The Day Dawn by Boys Of The Lough
  9. The Laughing Girl by Jenna Reid