The Alpine Horn reel

Also known as The Low D Aire.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Alpine Horn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D3 E D2 F2|D2 G2 D3 A|D2 B2 D4|
D3 E D2 F2| D2 G2 d3 B| A2 F2 D4:|
|:d3 B A2 F2| D2 E2 B2 F2| D2 E6|
d3 B A2 F2 |D2 E2 B2 F2 |1 G2 D6 :|2 A2 D6||

Six comments

The Low D Aire (The Alpine Horn)

I was told, after putting up "Swedish Scales", to add things that I hadn’t written. TMB, another Sessioner, suggested that my efforts to develop basic capabilities with the "low D" flute be directed towards creating a solid low "D" note. He asserted that those who can creat a solid "low D" note will naturally play other notes well. He recommended the following sequence for practice: DEDFDGDADBD. He didn’t think it could be made into a tune, but he seemed to have a very musical concept. That sequence is the core of the first part of this piece. This is a practice piece for beginners seeking to learn to play the "low D" Irish flute. I am using it with "Swedish Scales" as part of a practice regimen. This is still something that one should approach as an "exercise". The name emphasizes the "low D" note that occurs throughout the piece. I refer to an "alpine horn", because the simplicity of the shifts in tone from low to high suggested that to me.

There are so many tunes and variants of tunes out there, tons, Irish or otherwise… Your three contributions so far are quite odd, and no, as the FAQs try to outline, none of the three qualify as penance before submitting your own compositions. Do you actually play Irish music? And if you do, is it in the context of a ‘classical’ training, as on the silver flute, or have you have you managed to learn something of an ‘Irish’ style?

Welcome to the session Arthur, and I hope it will be useful for you and that you’ll soon gain an understanding of the site and its members. We are mostly a friendly and helpful lot, sharing these traditions. If you need any help, whatever, just ask. You might get some funny answers, but if anyone can help they are likely to offer you some guidance, up front or behind the scenes via email.

I had been keeping shtrum, but I had asked Jeremy about these ‘exercises’, as personally they just don’t have a comfortable fit here, from my notion of things. I hope you won’t take any of this personal, it isn’t directed at you, but at the very odd first contributions you’ve made claiming they are your penance. To be honest, I’m afraid of what was to come after you’d reached 5… ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Low D Aire (The Alpine Horn)

"exercises" - perhaps as in the technical exercises/studies that most classical musicians come across during their learning years, being pieces devised by teachers to assist the pupil in mastering various aspects of technique or playing but not having enough intrinsic musical merit to be worth playing in public. Does that cap fit here?
Sorry, but it needs to be said.

Yes, well said, pretty much what I was feeling and had been seeking words for…

Arthur, despite how it can sometimes feel here, we aren’t bullies and we’re not ganging up on you. It is not the person but the contributed fragments, and it took three and others commenting before I put in my tuppence worth…

For a positive, you did a fair job at the ABCs, this also, as I understand, being new to you… We’ve seen a lot of really bad first attempts…

that might be a good exercice to learn to play a nice D, I even would do it with a tuner…
I cannot understand why you call this litle piece "Alpine Horn" as it does not sound like one at all - to my Swiss taste at least. The Alpine horn can play only the natural scale with the strange ‘7’ and these tunes give nice slow airs for the uillean pipes always! I think I have to submit a traditional one ๐Ÿ˜‰

While I love Alpine horns, adding their repertoire here might be a bit of a stretch too far… ๐Ÿ˜‰