The Banks Of The Allan jig

Also known as The Banks O’ The Allan.

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Banks Of The Allan

I’ve come across it in a tune-book under the name “The Banks Of Allan Water”, in the key of D Major: this gives room for the second part to be played an octave up on the first - otherwise, it’s the same tune.

Great tune, unaccountably seldom heard.

It’s not the same tune though! It’s pretty different I think, but oh well

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Banks of the Allan

I gave it a try, as I have some relatives by that last name.
I enjoyed it, but like it a ’tad better with the last three notes dropped down a tone to “A”. Its the first time I’ve encountered a jig with such a long sequence of eighth notes at the end. I didn’t get the phrasing initially because of this.

Thank you.

Definitely agree with your commant on the last bar in both ‘A’ & ‘B’ musics. certainly | BAA A3 :||
I already play this tune in a set of Scottish jigs and do so in the key of ‘D’ Musically I think this is better, more exciting. The last four bars of the ‘B’ music descends to the end from top ‘b’ to bottom ‘D’ quite dynamic I feel. A good tune to finish a set with.

This is my take on it in ‘D’. Somewhat different to that already here.

M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: D
FGF FED | FAA A2d | Bdd Add | Bdd Add | FGF FED | FAA A2d | BdB AFD | EDD D3 :||
fdf fed | faa a2g | fgf fed | gbb b2a | fga efg | def fed | BdB AFD | EDD D3 :||

Yeah the last bar (CBB B3) is like that probably to give the tune a more circular never-ending feel to it.

Coz you would play an E chord instead of the more final sounding A chord if the last bar was BAA A3

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I realise that but when did that change happen? was it deliberate or an accident? Who was the culprit or do we put it down to the aural tradition and the passing of time??

Banks of the Allan

I play it the same as you, hetty, with one major difference: the last bar in each part ends on aa E. I.e. | FEE E2 | See

There is a River Allan near to where I live in Perthshire.There’s also a pub called The Allanbank, at which there used to be a regular session. However, if I’m not mistaken, there are a few River Allans around!

Theres Lough Allen in Co. Leitrim and a Glen Allen (with a tune named after it) somewhere, so possibly a River Allen as well.

Hetty - I don’t think that ending was an accident. It’s the only way I’ve ever heard it played, and it’s the way NigelG plays it - which must count for something. If you think of it as being in B dorian (or E dorian) instead of A (or D), then the final B (or E) brings resolution.

Banks of the Allan

It’s the second tune in Sharon Shannon’s “Nine Pups”.