Bastard In F Sharp Minor polka

Also known as An Dro, En Dro.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Bastard In F Sharp Minor
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:F2 cF|Ac c2|cd cF|Ac c2|cd cF|cB GA|Bc c2|BA GA:|
|:F2 AF|AB B2|1 Fc BG|AG FE:|2 Fc BG|A2 G/F/ E||
|:F2 AF|AB B2|1 Fc BG|Ac GA:|2 cB AG|F2 ed||
|:cF F/G/F/E/|F2 ed|c2 c2|Bc c2|ce dc|
[1 B2 B2|cB AG|F2 ed:|2 BA GA|cB AG||
|:F2 AF|AB B2|1 Fc BG|AG FE:|2 Fc BG|A2 G/F/ E||
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X: 2
T: Bastard In F Sharp Minor
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E2 GE GA A2|EB AF GB FG|E2 GE GA A2|1 EB AF G2:|2 GB FG E2||
BE E/F/E/D/ E2 dc|B2 B2 AB B2|Bd cB A2 A2|1 BA FG E2:|2 GA FG BA||
E2 GE GA A2|EB AF GF E/F/E/D/|E2 GE GA A2|1 EB AF G2:|2 GB FG BA||

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I think it’s a polka, maybe an An Dro or summat who knows?

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Bastard Polka

I’ve always wanted to learn more polkas. This tune has an interesting, eastern European flavor. I enjoyed it and plan to work on it once my flute skills are far enough along. You designate the default duration as 1/8. That gives the piece a mournful tone (depending, of course, on the bpm count you employ). I’d consider 1/16 as the base if I were going to attempt it as a dance tune rather than a solo (if I had the skills for that pace). My impression is that it needs a final note, perhaps a long “F#”.

Thank you.

Bastard Polka


In mixed company, I hope you don’t mind if I refer to it as the “Bad Man’s Polka” 😉.

Yeah I reckon woD posted it as 1/8 coz the Session doesn’t allow for 1/16 submissions 🙁

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I like the name! It’s got the right ring to it. Like all those poor nameless Classical pieces called “Opus in D”, or “Sonata in C”. “Bastard in F# minor”, mm, yeah…

Great Tune, to me it sounds very Breton!

The title is fun, some people might think of it as
“Bastard In F****** Sharp Minor” 😉

Eastern Version

To transform it from Breton to Eastern Europe, just use a natural G (instaed of #G) when the melody goes down. The end of the first part gets then i.e.
| cB #GA | Bc c2 | BA =GA |

Have Fun!

Who wrote this? and does anyone know the story behind the name? thanks! its a pretty cool tune.

to the half texan: I wish I wrote it, but i didn’t 🙁

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I think this might already be here on site, if in a slightly different version, and just possibly, it’s two seperate melodies… If not, it is at least a take off from a melody that is well known, and, as said, I have this feeling it is already here… But, I have fooled myself previously… 😉

It is at least familiar to me, I just wish I could connect it up with its composer, and any other name they may have had for it…


It would help if you told us where you got this tune from? Please? 😏 Especially now I can’t shake myself free from it…

Breton An Dro / gan ainm 😎 ~ taken it down and elsewhere

X: 1
T: gan ainm
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: An Dro
K: emin
|: FG |\
E2 BE GB B2 | Bc BE GB B2 | Bc BE BA FG | AB B2 AG :|
|: FD |\
E2 GE GA A2 | EB AF GB FG | E2 GE GA A2 |[1 EB AF G2 :|[2 GB FG E2 ||
|: dc |\
BE E/F/E/D/ E2 dc | B2 B2 AB B2 | Bd cB A2 A2 |[1 BA FG E2 :|[2 GA FG BA ||
|: F/G/F/D/ |\
E2 GE GA A2 | EB AF GF E/F/E/D/ | E2 GE GA A2 |[1 EB AF G2 :|[2 GB FG BA |]

woD’s transcription is f minor, not G Major…

Correction: g natural…

…will make this tune sound even more breton.
Yes, there is use -if not widespread use - of some phrygian modes in Brittany, especially in connection to Biniou-bombarde playing in Vannetais (Morbihan region). As this is in the East of the peninsula, I guess you can say it sounds eastern!

… it’s also much easier to play this way (g natural) on the Irish pipes, flute, etc! No need for so many *** after the F*** then!

…unless you decide to sharpen the 6th for a stronger eastern-breton flavour but increased technical diff***ulty!

😏 Well, give us a transcription!!!

Sorry, ceolachan, it’s not like me to do all the work! 😉 (If only I had done my own ABC homework: tis sad but true, I still can’t read or write it). I assumed people could modify and read the score themselves.
To rectify this, follow this good link on Biniou-Bombarde:
and google up a few names you see in there, it may lead you to some phrygian soundbites as in:

Re: Bastard In F Sharp Minor

If this tune is an An Dro, (there are so many of them so it could be) it sounds a lot more Breton with a G natural instead of a G sharp (at least to my ear). If you listen to Breton bands like Pennou Skoulm or Startijenn you’ll hear a few tunes with strange naturals/sharps/flats where you don’t expect them. Lovely tune with either though!