Da Blue Yowe reel

Also known as The Blue Ewe, The Blue Yow, The Blue Yowe, Da Blue Yow.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Da Blue Yowe
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
g2|afdf e<de<d|B<Be<d B2 Ag|afdf e<d e2|fgfe d2:|
Ac|d2 fd edBA|d2 ed B2 Ac|d2 fd ed e2|fgfe d2:|

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Da Blue Yowe

Yowe = ewe,in shetland dialect.

Da Blue Yowe (reel)

“Yowe” is used for a ewe all over Scotland, particularly in the North East, and I seem to remember that it is or was used in parts of England as well. Burns collected an old song,“Ca’ the Yowes to the Knowes” which is still fondly sung and played here.

There is apparently a story in Shetland called “Essie Pattle an da Blue Yowe”, though I think it’s not very old.


Rte gives (gave) the prices reached by ‘Yows’ in their Mart reports.

Yow rhymes with row, as in boats or lines and not with arguments

They were often combined with Hoggets - Anyone know what a hogget is?

It’s all begining to sound like Rambling Sid Rumpole.-

Da Blue Yowe (reel)

Alan said, “Yow rhymes with row, as in boats or lines and not with arguments…”

Interesting. Here in Scotland it is more likely to rhyme with row as in argument.

In Scotland, a hogget is a hogshead - i.e. a measure of liquor or fish, etc. I can’t imagine it’s the same meaning as was used in the Mart Reports on RTE. Anyway, Alan, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you.


hogs/hoggets - young sheep
“A lamb becomes a hog or hogget at about 8 months of age (+ or - a month or two). It can be a wether hog, a ewe hog or a tup hog. It then becomes a shearling when it is shorn at about 15 months of age” That’s in England and Scotland.
I spin wool, and shearling fleece are usually the best a sheep will grow - linger with a year and a half of growing softer and better coloured (yes - dark coloured sheep often go grey with age as do we all) - and will cost a little more

Chris aka spindizzy

Rhymes with….

I just ran this past a work colleague from Shetland. “Yowe” rhymes with “cow”, at least in Shetland, and that’s where this tune comes from. Kenneth Williams folk-singing character was “Rambling Sid Rumpo”, not “Rumpole”.

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