Two recordings of
The Ale Is Dear
Jenny’s Chickens

The Ale Is Dear (reel) is also known as Elisa Dear, Elsie Dear, Lady Margaret Stewart, Lady Margaret Stewart’s.

Jenny’s Chickens (reel) is also known as Jennie’s Chickens, Jenny’s Chicken, Jenny’s Chicken’s, Le Reel Des Soucoupes Volantes, Sicíní Ṡinéidín.

Celtic Dance Music And Song by Mike Saunders And Dale Russ

  1. The Ale Is Dear
  2. Jennie’s Chickens

The Perfect Squeeze by Norman Mackay

  1. The Dashing White Eejit
  2. Jenny’s Chickens
  3. Ale Is Dear
  4. The Norminator
  5. Carrie’s