Paddy Fahey’s reel

Also known as Paddy Fahey’s 14, Paddy Fahey’s No. 14, Paddy Fahy’s, Paddy Fahy’s 14, Paddy Fahy’s No. 14.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Paddy Fahey's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
F2 DE FAde | fedc AGFE | FA,DE FDGF | EGdG EGCE |
DA,DE FAde | fece d3e | ^fgag fdAG | F2EG FDD2 |
DA,DE FAde | fedc AGFE | F3D G3F | E/F/GdG EGCE |
DA,DE FAde | fece d3e | ^fgag fdAG | F2EG FDD2 ||
K: Dmaj
|: fgag fdde | d=cAB cAG2 | Addc defg | a2fd adge |
fgag fdde | dcAG =c3A | d3e fged | cAGE D4 :|
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Three comments

Reel No.14

Down as Fahey’s Reel No. 14 in Maria Holohan’s Thesis.

Kind of a strange tune, but I like it a lot. Be great if more people knew this tune.

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Are those high ds correct in the 4th bars of lines 1 and 3? Low Ds seem more likely to my ears, but I have nothing to check it against. (Of course, given how strange the tune is, they could very well be right.)

Every note I’ve put there is exactly as transcribed in the book. Fahey sometimes does odd things like this in his tunes, it’s what makes him so unique as a tune composer.

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