Ful’ Tae The Heid O’ Troots jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ful' Tae The Heid O' Troots
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|: "Dm" D3 ABA | D2 D cBA | "C" GEE c2 E| cdA GFE |
"Dm" D3 ABA | D2 D cBA | "Am" GEE c2 E|1 "Gm/Bb" GFE DCE :|2 "Dm" dAF D2 c ||
|: "Dm" cde fed | "C" ec_c "Bb" BAf |\
fge "F" c2 A ABc |
"Dm" cde fed | "C" ec_c "Bb" BAf |1 fge "F" c2 A |
"Am" ABc cdd :|2 "Bb" fge "F" Bce | "Am" a2 c cdd |]

Four comments

Ful’ Tae The Heid O’Troots

I heard Shooglenifty perform this set at the Festival of Sydney opening night in January 2008, came home and bought the track on iTunes. Love the interesting phrasing in the second half of this tune, dropping a beat out, which I’ve notated as a 9/8 bar.


Great tune. Does anyone know who wrote this or where it comes from?

On the Shooglenifty CD "Troots", it seems to be part of a tune set and is credited to "M. Crosbie/Trad./L. Plumb/Shooglenifty".

M.Crosbie/L.Plumb decoded

Malcolm Crosbie - guitarist - Luke Plumb - mandolin player with Shooglenifty.

One thing everybody must do at least once in their lives is see Shooglenifty play live