Five recordings of Mick Duggan’s

Also known as The Gneeveguilla, The Gneevgullia, Mick Duggan’s #1, Mick Duggan’s No. 1.

This tune has been recorded together with The Gullane (a few times), The Blackwater, Bridgie Con Matt’s, High Caul Cap, Jenny Lind, John Collin’s, Mick Duggan’s, Tom Mhick’s.

  1. ‘live And Well by Tony O’Connell
  2. All In A Day’s Play by Conor Moriarty
  3. Any Old Time by Any Old Time
  4. Cnoc Bui by Conal Ó Gráda
  5. Wind and Reeds by Paudie O’Connor And John O’Brien